“25 percent of US Banks could disappear completely.”

-Industry Study

The banks that survive won’t do so by simply automating and cutting. They’ll do it by becoming an entirely new kind of bank. One that uses data to drive every major decision. One that spots new opportunities before customers even express a need. One that handles a dynamic regulatory environment with ease.

To get there, you need a partner who’s been there. Novum is a new kind of consulting firm full of data analytics experts who are bankers, too. Drawing upon our hands-on experience in the banking industry, we’ll equip you with all the tools and strategies you need to maximize your performance—even as your competitors disappear.

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New Banks are Thriving.

Today’s New Banks aren’t stopped by competition, regulations, and recessions. That’s because New Banks use big data in new ways to anticipate customer needs, hone product offerings for peak performance, adapt instantly to changes in customer behavior—and answer the toughest questions from regulators and board members alike. Novum is 100 percent focused on guiding banks on their journey to this new paradigm.

Unleash New Growth

The competitive landscape is changing. New Banks are using new data sources to align customer needs with their most profitable products. Novum helps connect data silos, answer your toughest questions and gain a whole new perspective on your customers.

Improve Risk Behavior

In the midst of relentless change, many banks struggle to keep up. New Banks use analytics solutions to understand the true impact of risk, make predictions and execute strategies. Novum enables stakeholders across the business to achieve new insight in a dynamic environment.

Optimize Performance

New Banks don’t compete on cost reduction—they compete on innovation. They use data analytics to understand the current and future value of every aspect of their operations. Novum delivers proven solutions that enable precise and continual optimization.

The Partner You Can Trust to Get You There.

The marketplace is full of technology promising new insight from data. But which products are right for a growing New Bank? How can you implement them as quickly as possible and tailor them to your specific objectives? And what’s the best way to infuse this powerful data analtyics—and the valuable insights they deliver—into every decision your New Bank makes?

Novum knows. Rather than trying to be all things to all companies, we’re laser-focused on being trusted partners to ordinary banks that want to become New Banks. Because we already “get it,” we don’t have to spend months learning your industry, interviewing your stakeholders, and researching solutions. Instead, we can focus on getting you to an analytic engine that will have an immediate impact on your growth, risk management, and cost control.

A Unique Team.

At Novum, we don’t hire separate teams of banking experts and analytics experts and then try to get them to work together. We only employ analytics experts who have rich expertise in the banking industry. Every recommendation they make to you is informed by their years of highly relevant experience helping ordinary banks become New Banks. And because they rely on Novum’s proven best practices and solutions, you’ll always know you’re on a path to the same success that other New Banks already enjoy.

Novum is Helping New Banks Excel.

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Finally, a Complete View of the Customer

Novum integrated account, transactional and profitability data for a client that gave the bank a view of each customer relationship. The bank then built a marketing application that generated custom product offers for each client, doubling the effectiveness of their marketing investments.

New Efficacy in Credit Card Marketing

Novum helped a southwestern bank build a lead-generation solution that targeted existing customers for a new credit card product. During the first 3 months of the campaign, the bank issued over 4,000 cards totaling $18 million.

Using Data to Drive New Product Sales

A super-regional bank was looking to develop a customized product recommendation solution for its online and branch channels. Novum built a solution at a fraction of the cost and the bank quickly achieved a nearly 7x return on their investment from the success of the recommendations.

Not Sure How to Get Started?

Novum can help you navigate your entire transformation to a New Bank. Or, if you just want to understand the best place to get started, we offer a series of Quickstart Strategic Assessments. Call us to learn which one is right for you.